Houdini Stop - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Houdini Stop?

The Houdini Stop Chest Strap is a device which prevents your child from taking their arms out of their car seat straps. It consists of two simple clips joined by a length of material. The clips connect to each of the 2 car seat straps and hold them closer together preventing your child from wriggling out.

Is it safe?

The Houdini Stop chest clip has been crash tested at the Autoliv Test Facility in Melbourne, Australia. The results of the test can be found here but in short the Houdini Stop was found not to interfere with the performance of any part of the car seat. In all tests the Houdini Stop did not move up and have any contact at all with the throat area.

Is it legal?

EU legislation states that car seats can not be sold with a chest strap or chest clip attached as it indicates that car seats should be able to be unfastened by a single red button. However, the Houdini Stop is an aftermarket product and is not illegal to buy, sell, or fasten to your own car seat. We have had confirmation from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe that it is not illegal.

I have heard a chest clip / strap will take the emergency services longer to get my child out in an accident?

This is a common misconception with the Houdini Stop chest clip. Whilst the introduction of a secondary locking mechanism will mean longer to get your child out of the car, the emergency services have confirmed that in the event of a car accident they would waste no time with any fastening and they simply cut straight through any of the straps to get your child out quickly as possible. While it may take that second or 2 longer to get your child out, there is a far greater risk involved when your child is involved in a crash whilst their arms are not within their car seat straps.

How much does it cost?

The Houdini Stop is currently priced at £11.99. We may be able to offer a discounted rate if you are ordering in bulk, please contact us for more details.

Do you offer returns?

We are happy to accept returns for a full refund as long as the item is returned unopened within 7 days to:

Houdini Stop UK
35 Lumley Avenue
South Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE34 7DP

Please include your order number with your return so that we can correctly allocate your refund.