We are serious about your child's safety

Do you have a young child that is constantly pulling their arms out of their car seat harnessing and putting their safety at risk? Do they seem obsessed with trying to climb out of their car seat, highchair, or stroller?

We have developed the ideal solution for you. There is no fiddling around with the car seat or other harnessing. No threading or doming. One click, one hand and its installed. The Houdini Stop is the ideal car seat clip.

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Car Seat Chest Strap

This quality car seat chest clip ensures your child stays safely and correctly positioned within their harness. It simply clips on over the top of your existing strapping and prevents your child from pulling their arms out. This in turn prevents them from possibly flying out of their carseat in a car accident, or standing up and possibly falling out of a highchair or stroller/pushchair.

Once the Houdini Stop car seat chest strap is in place, it will stay there, Your child can not easily move it up or down. It is universal and can be used on many types of harnesses, from car seats and H Harnesses, highchairs, and even prams or strollers. This car seat clip is the number 1 solution to stop children taking their arms out of their straps.

The Houdini Stop car seat chest clip is a very useful training product for the stage where your child does not understand the importance of staying inside their harnessing. It suits many age ranges and is simple for an adult or older child to remove if necessary.

The Houdini Stop has been officially crash tested to the AS/NZ 1754 Standard by Autoliv Australia and independantly reviewed by ACRI in Australia. This revolutionary car seat chest clip has been proven not to interfere with the existing carseat harnessing in anyway and does not ride up and cause a choking hazzard in a simulated accident situation.

This product is a short term solution for a long term parental problem

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